SS Combines

Unique Qualities

  • Lasts longer.
  • Non-fading writing surfaces
  • Easily erasable and Maintenance free.
  • Very Hygienic and Environment Friendly.
  • Convenient, Comfortable, Economical and Durable.
  • Easy & clear impressions with Chalk or Dry Wipe markers.
  • Anodized aluminum sections in FOUR attractive Frame Styles.
  • Strong & Attractive industrial plastic corners in attractive colors.
  • Very low light reflection cuts down glare. Comfortable for the eyes.
  • Magnetic Letters, Figures and Colored Buttons in three different sizes.
  • Writing Boards with Melamine, Coated Steel and Ceramic Steel surfaces.
  • Magnetic and non-magnetic Dusters for Marker and Chalk writing boards.
  • Available all over India.

Writing Boards

  • Melamine Coated White Boards.
  • Melamine Coated Green / Black Chalk Boards.
  • Resin Coated Steel White Boards.
  • Resin Coated Steel Green Chalk Boards.
  • Ceramic Coated Steel Mat White Boards.
  • Ceramic Coated Steel Glossy White Boards.
  • Ceramic Coated Steel Green Chalk Boards

Display Boards (Velvet OR Cork)
Magneto Pin Boards
Notice Boards (Alfa Frame)
Combination Boards
Double Sided Boards
Pager Boards
Printed Steel Boards
Lobby Board and Stand
Revolving Board and Stand
Exhibition Display Boards and Stand