SS Combines



Budget Range
Well designed sturdy board
Powder coated/Anodised sections.
Hexagonal shaped ABS corners
ldeal for homes & small offices
Extra accessories Dusters and Chalk Holder


Medium Range
lnternationally accepted sleek design.
Sliding hooks for easy installation
Attractive bi-color ABS corners
Extra accessories
Tray, Dustus, Magnetic Buttons,
Magnetic Letters & Figures


Standard Range
Widely accepted traditional frame style
Heavy aluminium sections
Strong metal clamps 0n corners for larger boards
ldeal for Schools and lnstitutions
Extra accessories
Tray and Dusters


Premium Range
Ergonomically designed heavy sections
Attractive bi-colour ABS corners
Ideal for offices and institutions
Wall mounting clamps provided for larger boards
Extra accessories
Tray, Duster, Magnetic Buttons, Magnetic Letters & Figures